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The 404 1,251: Where we find the cipher in the sound (podcast)

Leaked from today's show: Facebook cryptography, steganography in social media, crowd-sourcing a witch hunt, and demonic portraits purposely hidden beneath waves of electronic music.

By April 17, 2013


Be a code breaker: Enigma machines up for auction

Bid on a piece of WWII spy history with an unprecedented collection of cipher machines and accessories up for sale at Christie's auction house through Dec. 3.

By December 2, 2014


Cipher glass knows what you're drinking

Designer Damjan Stanković has imagined a drinking glass that can indicate what it holds. The Cipher concept glass tells you when you're having OJ, milk, or Coke.

By January 5, 2010


At Bletchley Park, breaking Enigma codes and winning WW II

Road Trip 2011: Code breakers led by Alan Turing were able to beat the Germans at their cipher games, and in the process shorten the war by as much as two years. At Bletchley Park, all the work took place in secret, where it stayed for decades.

By July 4, 2011


Secure Computing to acquire CipherTrust

CipherTrust CEO will become chief strategy officer and vice chairman of Secure Computing's board when deal closes.

By July 11, 2006


CipherTrust toolbar adds phish net to e-mail

"TrustedSource Toolbar" plugs in to Outlook and Lotus Notes and is designed to fight spam, phishing and fraud.

By March 13, 2006


Modern PCs to challenge WWII codebreaker

A rebuilt Colossus, a cipher-breaking machine used in World War II, is being pitted against modern computers in a race to break encrypted code. Photos: A 'Cipher Challenge' for Colossus

By November 15, 2007


German man beats WWII Colossus code cracker

Rebuilt British cipher-breaking machine used in World War II is beaten in code-breaking challenge by German man who wrote his own software.

By November 16, 2007


CipherTrust adds IM security to product line

IronIM gateway appliance lets companies secure, log, monitor and encrypt instant-message communications.

By October 10, 2005


CipherTrust adds policy compliance to e-mail

The messaging-security company bolsters its IronMail e-mail security systems to satisfy federal regulations.

By July 20, 2004