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LG flaunts curved 21:9 monitor, plus a display for gamers

The company releases details about a curved 21:9 monitor, a 4K display for video pros, and a fast-refreshing monitor for gamers that it will show off at the IFA trade show next month.

By August 18, 2014


LG IPS 21:9 Ultrawide All-In-One PC is very wide indeed

LG's new ultra-wide all-in-one PC has an aspect ratio of 21:9, so should be ideal for watching films.

By August 31, 2013


Philips delivers LED TVs with MediaConnect, NetTV, and Cinema 21:9

Philips is introducing a Cinema 21:9 LED HDTV to match the anamorphic 2.39:1 ratio seen in theaters.

By January 5, 2011


Philips Cinema 21:9 with 3D, full LED backlight and silly glasses

We loved Philips' 21:9 set -- now its 2010 successor has arrived, and it should be an even more impressive piece of tech. We take a look in this lovingly crafted photo gallery.

17 Images By December 6, 2010


Vizio announces ultrawide 21:9 LED LCDs

Vizio has announced a pair of TVs with an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 21:9, as opposed to the standard 16:9.

By January 4, 2011


Philips Cinema 21:9 TV: Hands-on photos

We've been looking forward to the Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD TV for what seems like aeons, so when it finally arrived, we fired off some photos -- it's exciting stuff...

21 Images By November 12, 2009


Philips 3D TVs: 21:9, 8000 and 9000 series receive extra dimension

Philips is set to augment its 21:9, 8000- and 9000-series TVs with 3D compatibility, an exciting development for movie fans who want cinema-ratio 3D at home

By February 23, 2010


Photos: Philips Cinema 21:9 ultra-widescreen TV

Philips unveiled its new 21:9 ratio TV in London today, claiming it'll revolutionise movie viewing and be the ideal TV for a home-cinema enthusiast, albeit only the rich ones

9 Images By January 29, 2009


Photos: Philips ultra wide-screen 21:9 TV unveiled

Crave UK went to the official unveiling in London. Here are the photos.

By January 29, 2009


Do real TVs have real curves?

Curved TVs were present in big numbers at CES 2014, but are bent screens really set to be the next wave of home entertainment?

By January 20, 2014