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LG Chromebase is a PC powered by Google's Chrome OS

The LG Chromebase is an all-in-one PC that makes more sense than a Chromebook -- but does it mean Chrome OS is a good idea?

By December 18, 2013


Google Chrome gets HTML video support

Chrome joins Firefox, Safari, and Opera with the ability to display video without a plug-in such as Adobe's Flash. But the HTML standard is rough at best.

By May 28, 2009


NetSuite boasts of Google Chrome support

All NetSuite's customers will be able to use Google's browser by mid-October. What are the odds any are actually clamoring for it?

By September 5, 2008


Chromebooks compared: New and upcoming Chrome OS laptops

From less than $200 to more than $1,200; which Chromebook is right for you?

By March 3, 2014


iCloud can now sync bookmarks with Firefox and Chrome

The latest update to Apple's cloud-based service lets Windows users keep their bookmarks in sync among IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

By September 19, 2013


How to secure your passwords in Chrome and Firefox

Chrome and Firefox both store your saved passwords in plain text. So how do you keep them safe?

By August 6, 2013


Chrome could unseat Firefox as No. 2 browser

New statistics show Google's browser could well bump Firefox as the second-place PC browser. Android's browser is gunning for Opera Mobile's position.

By October 3, 2011


Asus Chrome OS Netbook under $250?

A report pegs the first branded Chrome OS Netbook to hit the market this summer between $200 and $250.

By March 17, 2011


Google using Chrome to reform slow Web sites

Hundreds of sites are holding back the Web's speed and security, Google says, and it'll try using Chrome to help eradicate the problem.

By October 4, 2010


Chrome and others nibble away IE usage

October statistics show Google's browser eked away the most usage share from dominant Microsoft. Will Firefox reach 25 percent usage by the end of the year?

By November 2, 2009