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'Chromatic Typewriter' turns keystrokes to brushstrokes

Creating art with that splendidly elaborate gadget known as the typewriter is nothing new. Just ask Hemingway or Orwell. But this beautifully hacked 1937 Underwood Standard takes things to an entirely different realm.

By December 7, 2011


Photoshop CS5 gets new lens fixes, raw support

The raw-image plug-in can now automatically fix problems such as chromatic aberration. Also: support for Canon T2i, Sony A450, Panasonic G2 and G10.

By June 1, 2010


Apple improves editing, GPS with Aperture 3.0.3

A third update to Aperture 3 improves the photo software's handling of chromatic aberration, improves stability, and includes many other tweaks.

By April 29, 2010


Short Take: Rambus co-founder joining Benchmark

Mike Farmwald, who co-founded Rambus, is joining Benchmark Capital as a venture partner, the firm plans to announce Monday. Farmwald, who founded Chromatic Research, Epigram and Matrix Semiconductor, will focus on the semiconductor-related companies.

January 21, 2001


ATI buys struggling Chromatic

The graphics leader will use the acquisition to move into the market for integrated chips for set-top boxes and other devices.

By October 21, 1998


Chromatic to lay off 50%

Chromatic Research is laying off approximately 50 percent of its workforce and will discontinue its Mpact media processor line.

By July 9, 1998


Chromatic to release combo chip

Chromatic's new Mpact2 chip puts 3D and 2D graphics and DVD functionality on a single piece of silicon.

By September 19, 1997


ATI earnings up, taps giant PC makers

The leading PC graphics chipmaker reports solid earnings, despite continuing to take charges for its purchase of Chromatic Research.

By April 8, 1999


Chromatic eludes Intel's grip

The multimedia chipmaker heaves a sigh of relief after signing up Gateway for its Mpact chip, but Intel is not far behind.

By June 19, 1997


Short: Chromatic, Asymetrix develop editing solution

Chromatic Research and Asymetrix announced their intent to develop a complete MPEG-based video editing solution designed to work with the Mpact media processor. Chromatic's MPEG video encoding and Asymetrix's digital video editing software will deliver an easy-to-use, low-cost MPEG-1 video editing package for the PC that works directly with ordinary VCRs and camcorders, according to the companies. They plan to deliver the package in the first half of 1997.

By October 14, 1996