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Chromasun progresses on solar air conditioner

Start-up raises money to further develop a solar concentrator which uses heat from the sun to cool commercial buildings.

By April 7, 2010


Solar power glass house helps pump oil

GlassPoint Solar signs deal in Oman to install solar concentrators to produce steam for oil recovery in existing fields. The aim? Lower natural gas use and lighten the environmental impact.

By August 4, 2011


Chromasun to make solar air conditioner

Adapting solar thermal tech used at utility-scale plants, start-up designs system to use the sun's heat to power industrial chillers and drastically cut peak electricity use.

By June 11, 2009


Solar concentrator graces university rooftop

Start-up Chromasun snags Santa Clara University as a customer for a solar concentrator adapted to a smaller scale that can both heat and cool buildings.

By April 13, 2011


Novel design yields energy-efficient air conditioner

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are working on an energy-efficient air conditioner that breaks with conventional mechanics.

By June 17, 2010


Hints of a bubble in green-tech IPOs

Electric car maker Tesla, solar company Solyndra, and others have plans for public offerings. Is it too much too soon or will there be more start-up acquisitions?

By February 9, 2010


Abu Dhabi to plug in solar air conditioner

Start-up Chromasun will test a micro-solar concentrator that generates heat to run commercial building air conditioners, a technology designed to reduce peak electricity use.

By January 15, 2010


Solar air conditioners to chill California utility

Solar concentrators, placed on an office building roof, will make heat to power an absorption chiller to cool Southern California Gas' energy research center.

By July 21, 2009