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Geek's guide to subverting Valentine's Day

Don't drown in candy hearts this year. Instead, raise your geek shields and call on the powers of "Game of Thrones" and Etsy to protect you.

By February 13, 2014


STD scare? Just take your phone to the loo...

As rates of STDs among young people in the UK continue to rise every year, health officials are developing a computer chip that can diagnose herpes, chlamydia, and more--within minutes.

By November 8, 2010


Get tested for an STD and win an iPod

The chlamydia epidemic is apparently so severe in the U.K. that local health authorities are offering iPods and laptops as incentives for young people to get tested.

By July 30, 2009


The 404 954: Where hey, it's Monday, wanna Cyber? (podcast)

CNET's Laptop and Tablet Editor Scott Stein fills in for Wilson today and chats with us about Black Friday madness, the Muppets movie, and Cyber Monday deals!

By November 28, 2011


A urine collector for kings and commoners

The FirstBurst puts a whole new spin on the Royal We. Joking aside, the invention is designed to help doctors in emerging nations do a better job of collecting urine for testing.

By November 8, 2007


The 404 259: Where we're keeping it on the DL

The 404 is happy to welcome the host of the On The DL Podcast, Dan Levy, to today's show.

By January 15, 2009