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The 404 1,170: Where Aunt Jill does a little dance (podcast)

Aunt Jill's in a dancing mood on the day before our Thanksgiving break, not just due to the holiday but also because she just hit 7,000 followers on Twitter! To pay it forward, she'll answer questions from our chat room on in-house financing, no-load targeted retirement funds, and more.

By November 21, 2012


The 404 1,059: Where Facebook fizzles and we're happier for it (podcast)

Aunt Jill joins us today to tell us what went wrong with the Facebook IPO and how a glitch and a change put the stock in a downward spiral.

By May 23, 2012


Crafty quit note on boss' FarmVille habit? Nope

A woman reportedly decides she's had enough of her boss and the way he monitors his staff's online activity. But not really--the dry-board stunt turns out to be a hoax.

By August 10, 2010


The most honest resignation e-mail ever?

A media planner in a Chicago ad agency allegedly writes an instant classic of a resignation e-mail. He aims particularly humorous scorn at ComScore. Oh, and USB sticks.

By October 17, 2009