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Google, Facebook, Adobe staff make top cash in tech world

With high salaries and outrageous perks -- like stocks and bonuses, free gourmet food, and an onsite chiropractor -- it's no wonder that tech firms dominate Glassdoor's top 25 companies for compensation and benefits list.

By May 23, 2014


Microsoft Office plays detective in new novel

In "Crush," a crime thriller by chiropractor-turned-author Alan Jacobson, Microsoft's Office suite plays a central role in helping track down a serial killer.

By September 25, 2009


Lawsuit over Yelp review settled

San Francisco chiropractor and his former patient settle defamation lawsuit over a negative review on the community reviews site.

By January 9, 2009


Yelp user faces lawsuit over negative review

Community reviewer who suggested a chiropractor was less than honest in his billing practices is accused of defamation in a lawsuit.

By January 6, 2009


Dell Inspiron XPS Business

The Inspiron XPS is a fantastic gaming machine, but you'll need a chiropractor if you try to travel with it.

By July 26, 2004

4.5 stars Editors' rating July 26, 2004

This product is no longer available. Click here for Dell's latest offerings