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Chimps smarter than humans?

Japanese researchers pitted young chimps against human adults in two tests of short-term memory, and overall, the chimps won.

By Dec. 4, 2007


Humans 1, chimps 0 in walkathon

Save energy. Walk on two legs.

By Jul. 23, 2007


Everyone likes Pac-Man, even chimps

Video of a chimp playing the arcade game.

By Feb. 9, 2007


Hammer of the Chimps?

blog Archaeologist says he's found rocks he believes chimps once used to crack open nuts.

By Feb. 13, 2007


Chimps use spears, scientist finds

blog Chimpanzees in Senegal have been spotted using spears to hunt other primates.

By Feb. 22, 2007


What the E*Trade baby will be doing during the Super Bowl

Online financial services company E*Trade is another that has released its Super Bowl ad early. Yes, of course it features the tot.

By Feb. 3, 2013


A warm welcome to the 'world's first 3D porn movie'

A packed house in Hong Kong bathes in the joy of the world's first 3D porn movie, the artistically stimulating "3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy."

By Apr. 15, 2011


Pilgrimage to the grave of Ham the Astrochimp

Crave's Nerdy New Mexico series delivers flowers to the grave of Ham the Astrochimp, the first chimpanzee launched into space. It was a big confidence booster for NASA prior to sending humans into orbit.

By Apr. 20, 2012


Making markets, not war, with open source

Open source is more than a cheap commoditzer. Or should be.

By Sep. 24, 2007


All aboard the Google TV train: Sony and Intel get tickets stamped for TV partnership

Google TV may be on its way to fruition as a rumoured partnership with technology giants Intel and Sony increases anticipation

By Mar. 18, 2010