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Parents brave Internet child-rearing

No doubt, parenting has changed in the Internet Age, and a new study tries to reveal how mom and dad are dealing with it.

By September 25, 2007


Meet the Wiimote-ready baby doll

The rather unsettling Baby and Me Wii game brings baby to life in a child-rearing sim that not only ships with a Wiimote-ready doll, it's in a detestable color that a certain mouthless cat has made commonplace.

By November 5, 2009


Knee Defender inventor: It protects computers and babies

In justifying his device's existence, Ira Goldman tells MSNBC that the device is not being used to "hog space."

By August 28, 2014


How to keep smartphone-using kids safe

Educating children about the appropriate and inappropriate uses of smartphones begins by assessing the level of responsibility the child can handle and tweaking the phone accordingly.

By September 18, 2012


We need the 'Control-a-Kid' remote

If only it were real.

By June 28, 2007


Should we prepare for robot apartheid?

Assuming robots will be doing our ironing any day now, it's time to ask the big one: does the repression of a servile underclass matter if that underclass is made of plastic and metal?

By January 17, 2007


Media's milquetoast moment: Censoring Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons appears to have been pressured to stop blogging, which would be a blow to candor and a win for weak journalism.

By November 20, 2008


Five must-have iPhone apps for parents

Whether you're seeking advice on how to treat a burn or just looking for a way to pass a long wait in a restaurant, you'll find what you need in this app roundup.

By March 29, 2010


Online resources for parents

In honor of Father's Day, we take a look at resources on the Web to help parents.

By June 19, 2009


What video game haters don't want you to know

A columnist for a British publication said on Wednesday that video games can be equated to "heroin and teenage pregnancy." Read why Don Reisinger thinks that point of view is totally misguided.

By April 2, 2008