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A child's hobby? Average gamer is 37 years old

A new study from the Entertainment Software Association has unveiled some eye-opening facts about the gaming industry and the people who play games.

By June 7, 2011


Microsoft and Facebook team up to fight child porn

The world's largest social network has joined the PhotoDNA program, which was developed by Microsoft Research with help from Dartmouth College.

By May 20, 2011


FTC: Disney's Playdom violated child protection act

The social-game service allegedly allowed children to register and share information in games without parental consent. The FTC has ordered Playdom to pay $3 million in fines.

By May 13, 2011


Volvo's Lotta Jakobsson talks about child safety in cars

In the second part of our interview, Volvo's Lotta Jakobsson talks about child safety in cars and how, in some ways, Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world.

By May 4, 2011


Best iPad apps for kids

With its big screen and hundreds of thousands of apps, the iPad's like candy for kids -- but finding apps that are age- and content-appropriate is the challenge. Here are the most educational and toddler-friendly apps some CNET editor-dads have found.

By December 21, 2011


Which game console should you buy?

Let CNET help you decide which home video-game console is best for you.

By November 23, 2011


Report: NSA, Pentagon officials linked to child porn

Boston Globe reports dozens of NSA, DARPA, and other Pentagon workers downloaded child porn, a federal crime, but not all were prosecuted.

By July 23, 2010


Facebook ClickCEOP child-protection app: Just don't call it a panic button

Facebook and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre have launched the ClickCEOP app to keep kids safe on the social network. Hopefully it'll end the tabloid hysteria

By July 12, 2010


E3 2011: Microsoft angles for toddlers

Young kids were a big focus at this year's Microsoft E3 presser, thanks to several exclusive Kinect titles.

By June 6, 2011


School rewards students with fake online Lady Gaga

A school employee is disciplined after trying to fool elementary school students in New Jersey that they are having an online chat with Lady Gaga.

By June 4, 2011