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Play chess over the Internet, against the computer, or by e-mail.

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3D print your own chess set designed by Marcel Duchamp

A group of creators on Thingiverse have been 3D printing their own interpretations of a chess set designed by conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp.

By July 7, 2014


Chess app lets you get whupped by a child prodigy

Pit yourself against chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen when he was just 5, or take him on in his current role as a grandmaster champion.

By February 26, 2014


Taxidermy chess: Play with rooks and dead rodents

The best-laid schemes of mice and... well, mice. Intimidating opponents is even easier when playing chess with dead mice. Artist Rachael Garcia explains why having a chess set you can pet is fun.

By December 10, 2013


Computer beats human pro at Japanese chess

The Ponanza program is one of five taking on human masters in the game of shogi. Is this the endgame for our "superior" brains?

By April 2, 2013


Monster Chess pits Lego bots in game of awesome

Behold a huge chess board with pieces made entirely out of Lego Mindstorm parts--more than 100,000 of them. It's called Monster Chess, and it's awesome.

By June 15, 2010


Super Mario chess: 1-upmanship?

Get your chess face on with this Super Mario-themed board.

By October 7, 2009


Chess match: Hulu blocks Boxee once again

Hulu moves once again to block Boxee. Boxee managers say that Hulu can't win because Boxee's community has the upper hand.

By March 6, 2009


3D printed Cyvasse is Game of Thrones for the board game geek

Based on the scant clues scattered around A Song of Ice and Fire, you can now play a version of the chess-like game from Westeros.

By June 23, 2014


Elitist jerks and nubs alike get their iPhone chess fix

99games announces two new chess games for iTouch and iPhone.

By October 22, 2008


Play chess upside down, in a windstorm

Inventor says the pieces on his New Wave Chess board are so immovable, the game can be played in a hurricane.

By July 30, 2008