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Game-changing $5 chemistry set inspired by music box

A Stanford researcher reinvents the chemistry set completely in the form of an inexpensive gizmo modeled after a hand-crank music box.

By Apr. 10, 2014


Old-school chemistry set mimics one made in 1936

The BenchMark Legacy Chemicals kit on Kickstarter lets kids unleash the awesome power of chemistry without watering down the experience.

By Nov. 15, 2013


Atom Ukelele for pickin' and grinnin' with chemistry

You're a scientist. You're also a musician. If only the twain could meet. Well, they just did, in the form of the Atom Ukelele.

By Jul. 9, 2012


The 30-year battery: New chemistry holds promise

For bulk storage on the grid, Stanford research develop a new chemistry that could lead to durable, fast-charging batteries for storing wind and solar energy.

By Nov. 23, 2011


Bring chemistry to the kitchen

Explore molecular gastronomy in your own kitchen with the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit from ThinkGeek.

By Feb. 2, 2010


How microneedle sensors could watch your blood chemistry

Researchers develop a microneedle array that could analyze your body chemistry in real time.

By Dec. 14, 2011


Chemistry add-in for Word goes open-source

Microsoft is now offering an add-in that lets Word users view and work on chemical structures to the open-source community. The tool was originally a beta project between Microsoft and the University of Cambridge.

By Feb. 1, 2011


Microsoft creates chemistry set for Word

Software maker releases an add-in for Office 2007 and Office 2010 that makes its word processor more useful for those looking to include chemical formulas.

By Mar. 24, 2010


Ep. 1113: There's no Moore's law for chemistry

New Netbook chips promise to increase battery life sends Molly into a tizzy about battery life. However, battery life does not keep pace with chip law, as Rafe states so well. Also the phone ad wars heat...er...lukewarm up with some arguably limp responses from Apple. And Opera cooperates with China, sort of.

By Nov. 24, 2009


Can tech make chemistry greener?

Green chemistry programs have prevented hundreds of millions of tons of hazardous materials from entering the environment, says EPA official.

By Jun. 2, 2008