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Cheetos bags, diapers remade into trash cans

How green is your trash can? Recycling firm TerraCycle has created plastic garbage cans out of chip bags. The process reportedly produces about 40 percent less CO2 emissions compared with virgin plastic.

By August 21, 2010


Loaded: Cheetos speakers

The PlayStation 3 gets Netflix streaming, Wal-Mart wants to offer IT support, and how to make speakers out of your used junk food wrappers.

By October 26, 2009


Cheetos bags find new life as MP3 speakers

Waste recycling firm TerraCycle has developed passive audio player speakers from discarded bags of Doritos and Cheetos and wrappers from Mars candy bars.

By October 24, 2009


The Smart way to paint your car

Wraps are no longer just for advertising Monster Energy drinks or a new flavor of Cheetos; they're the latest way to customize a Smart car.

By July 7, 2010


The 404 1,151: Where we got these BlackBerrys, man (podcast)

BlackBerry users have always hated fun, but today we'll discuss why the company's market share dropped 50 percent in the last three years. We'll trace the life of Game Genie, and bid farewell to Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

By October 18, 2012


TerraCycle launches waste-to-profit Facebook game

Game challenges players to make money by recycling for profit, mimicking the sponsor's real-life business model.

By September 7, 2011


4G Internet access roundup: Time to get some sunshine, nerds

CNET editor Dong Ngo's roundup of reviews on 4G Internet access.

By May 20, 2011


Crave 16: Where my baby daddy? (podcast)

This week on Crave we have woofers for your baby, woofers shaped like fans, eyelashes for your car, and bike lanes with power-ups. It's madness.

By August 31, 2010


Crave 15: Oceanic seduction (podcast)

This week on Crave we have a hand-crank car driven by a beatnik, a super awesome garbage can made from repurposed trash, and an adorably annoying alarm clock that will provide endless drunken entertainment at your next party.

By August 24, 2010


A keyboard for spies and messy eaters

iKey's latest model has no crevices between the keys, making it both waterproof and easy to clean.

By May 20, 2008