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Foursquare hits 20 million users, 2 billion check-ins

The company announced back in June that it had 10 million users registered worldwide. That number has since doubled.

By Apr. 16, 2012


Startup Banjo looks to help you connect with folks in real world

Banjo announces major updates to its mobile social-discovery app, which rounds up location data for various social-media services so users can connect with nearby friends.

By Feb. 23, 2012


Are you worried about geolocation privacy? (poll)

Geolocation services, mobile apps that let users broadcast their physical whereabouts are gaining speed. But so it appears, are user privacy fears.

By Jul. 22, 2010


What's Google planning for Chrome 5?

Google's browser revamp can pinpoint your location, fits better with Windows 7, shows 3D Web graphics, and includes Adobe's Flash software. And at last, it will come out of beta for Linux and Mac.

By Apr. 1, 2010