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Lego The Lord of the Rings

With neat Lego recreations of the memorable locations, and challenging gameplay, Lego The Lord of the Rings is a lot of fun, if you can get past the awkward controls.

By Nov. 12, 2013

3.5 stars Editor's rating Nov. 12, 2013

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GTA Online still borked, no end in sight as characters deleted

GTA Online looks set to become one of the all-time great broken launches, with players this weekend complaining their characters and money were deleted.

By Oct. 7, 2013


Cheat at Twitter: Tweet more than 140 characters

Is Twitter's 140-character limit too constricting for you? Here's a way to cheat the system and type longer tweets.

Mar. 18, 2013


Retelling history, 140 characters at a time

Twitter is known for real-time reporting of events. But now, a number of projects are doing "real-time" reporting of historical events like World War II and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

By Oct. 26, 2012


Twitter, Amex enabling shopping, 140 characters at a time

A partnership between the credit card giant and the social network is designed to let Amex users make purchases just by tweeting.

By Feb. 11, 2013


Harrison Ford storms out of 'Kimmel,' confronted by 'Star Wars' characters

Harrison Ford appears with Jimmy Kimmel. He agrees to take questions from the audience, but demands that none be about "Star Wars." Trouble ensues.

By Apr. 18, 2013


Disney will spin off films based on 'Star Wars' characters

In an interview on CNBC, CEO Bob Iger says Disney and LucasFilm will make several new movies based on existing characters in addition to "Star Wars Episode VII" and two other sequels.

By Feb. 5, 2013


Dad hires hit men to kill son's video game characters

A father is so fed up with his son's video game obsession that he decides to take radical action.

By Jan. 5, 2013