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How to change Firefox channels

Mozilla's latest Firefox Aurora comes with a quick way to jump between in-development builds of the browser. Here's how you can make the switch.

By May 4, 2011


Clicking into the future

CBS Chief Marketing Officer George Schweitzer discusses remote control technology, with a link to video and images of the tech through the years.

By November 9, 2010


Google Chrome patch fixes vanishing scrollbar

A variety of bug fixes arrive in the latest developer version of Chrome. Also, no restart required to install plug-ins.

By April 30, 2009


Great Christmas gadgets under £100

Everyone knows Christmas is about buying the respect and adulation of friends and family, and these awesome bargain gadgets will make you more popular than ever

By November 11, 2008


Gadget browses full suite of Google blogs

Can't keep up with the profusion of Google blogs? Company offers two new ways: an iGoogle gadget and a directory.

By September 22, 2008


Gadgettes 97: The Pull Your Head Out Of Your iPhone Episode

It only took the Gadgettes one minute to break the cardinal rule: do not talk about "the device that shall not be named." We learn our lesson and boycott "it" for the rest of the episode. So here's everything but.

By July 11, 2008


Sony hones its TV efforts

One example: A remote control that looks like a flip phone. Also, can Triluminos improve your picture?

By October 5, 2004