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CERN scientists trap antimatter

Researchers have produced and captured antihydrogen atoms using strong magnetic fields in the Alpha experiment at CERN.

By November 18, 2010


CERN to seek antimatter in space

The European Organization for Nuclear Research says external module on the International Space Station will look for antimatter and dark matter while measuring cosmic ray composition.

By August 21, 2010


CERN's collider sets proton speed record

The recently restarted Large Hadron Collider has become the world's most powerful particle accelerator, after setting a new record for beam intensity.

By November 30, 2009


CERN restarting Large Hadron Collider

World's largest particle accelerator is set to restart late Monday following 10 weeks of technical maintenance and a glitch on Saturday.

By March 1, 2010


CERN's collider to get 'safe' start in November

The nuclear research agency says it's satisfied that the Large Hadron Collider needs no more repairs and can get back to where it left off last fall.

By August 7, 2009


Astronauts attach cosmic ray detector to space station

A $2 billion cosmic ray detector attached to the International Space Station today already is beaming down a steady stream of data as torrents of high-energy particles from deep space pass through.

By May 19, 2011


LHC's record intensity speeds Higgs search

Squeezing more bunches of protons onto the particle accelerator's beams increases the data-gathering rate--and the odds the Higgs boson will turn up at CERN.

By April 22, 2011


CERN's collider won't chill next winter

Despite high energy costs, the particle accelerator will now run through the winter to make sure the experiment provides workable results.

By May 27, 2009


Inside CERN with a collider scientist

Crave UK chats with a particle physicist directly involved in the Large Hadron Collider experiments to get a sense of what it's like to work in a geek heaven.

By November 30, 2009


Interview: Inside CERN with an LHC scientist

We interview one of the physicists looking for the Higgs boson at CERN. He talks to us about what it's like working at the geekiest place on Earth -- stand by for science!

By November 27, 2009