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Green Dam exploit in the wild

A buffer overflow exploit for the Chinese censorware is circulating online, as university researchers warn the software remains vulnerable to a flaw.

By June 25, 2009


Surf the Web anonymously

The Internet can be a scary place, with all kinds of bad guys, and even good guys, trying to spy on what information you're sending through the tubes.

By June 11, 2008


Cracking the great firewall of China

Bennett Haselton made headlines as an advocate for preserving the rights of young people to surf an unfiltered Web. Now, in a partnership with the U.S. government, he's working on finding a way to circumvent Internet censorship restrictions in China.

By May 20, 2003


Public access to FTC hurt by spam lists

The Federal Trade Commission is using free "blacklists" to reduce the spam it gets. But legitimate mail is getting slapped back, and some say that could violate the First Amendment.

By November 26, 2002


On trial: Digital copyright law

By filing suit on Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union hopes to prompt the first ruling that would curtail the wide reach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

By July 25, 2002


New & Noteworthy: Apple's design guru Jonathan Ive;

New & Noteworthy: Apple's design guru Jonathan Ive;

By June 12, 2002


Trilogy Studios to offer home censor kit

The software maker plans to release products that let parents turn R-rated DVDs into PG movies. Now kids can see "The Godfather" sans the infamous horse's head scene.

November 15, 2001


Porn sneaks past search filters

Search companies are increasingly turning to censorware to court G-rated customers such as corporations, schools and parents, but they're still showing too much skin.

By July 2, 2001


Group unveils program to disable Web filters

Anti-filtering group Peacefire says porn-blocking Web filters from Net Nanny, CyberSitter and five other companies can be disabled with its program.

By December 18, 2000


News sites mistakenly blocked by filters, study says

Web sites sponsored by Amnesty International in the United States and around the world are routinely blocked by the kinds of Internet filters some politicians want to require in all libraries and schools, according to a new study.

December 15, 2000