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Women sue: Caffeinated underwear doesn't zap fat

Underwear performance underwhelming, says suit targeting Maidenform's caffeine microcapsule undies that promise to burn cellulite.

By November 9, 2013


Wrangler Denim Spa jeans moisturize your nether regions

Wrangler claims its new line of moisturizing jeans will soothe your skin and even fight cellulite thanks to fabric infused with ingredients like aloe vera and algae extracts.

By January 16, 2013


'iLift' takes aim at cellulite

Don't blame us if you end up wasting $500.

By August 23, 2007


Cellulite zapper gets $7 million

How do you get rid of the appearance of cellulite? High-energy beams.

By June 27, 2007


Military know-how combats cellulite, body hair

R&D in Israel isn't just for chips, software and military jets. It's also led to tools that combat cellulite. Photos: Foiling fat with military might

By July 6, 2006


New footwear promises better fitness

Want to reduce cellulite? Improve your core strength? Well, lace up a pair of MBTs and start walking. CNET News.com's Kara Tsuboi puts the latest shoe technology to the test. She talks to a personal trainer and a podiatrist to see if there's any merit to the shoes' thick, chunky, rounded soles that claim to give a full-body workout, alleviate pain, and improve posture.

December 25, 2007


CelluBike for your 'problem areas'

When cellulite becomes an obsession

By January 23, 2007