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A look at CeBit 2013 (pictures)

The giant technology show in Hannover, Germany, isn't as big as it once was, but it still accommodates a huge range of computing, communication, and high-tech industries.

27 Images By March 6, 2013


E-volo's 18-rotor multicopter at CeBIT (pictures)

German Startup E-volo wants to build an 18-rotor personal helicopter by 2015. Here's a look at its smaller VC25 prototype, designed to can carry 25 kilograms.

5 Images By March 6, 2013


The sights of CeBIT 2012

Wondering what this colossus of a trade show looks like? Check our gallery for a taste of tech in Germany.

By March 9, 2012


Portrait-drawing robot shows CeBIT's artistic side

The Van Goghs of the world needn't worry for now, but a robot at CeBIT is drawing portraits of people at the tech show.

By March 7, 2012


A tour of the vast CeBIT show (photos)

This German tech show is huge, drawing more than 300,000 visitors and 4,200 exhibitors--governments and universities as well as companies out to sell their products. Here's a look at the massive enterprise.

37 Images By March 9, 2012


Acer shows off new ultrabooks and laptops at CeBit

New slim laptops, some with GPUs and optical drives, show up at CeBit.

By March 6, 2012


Overclocking champ draws a crowd at CeBIT

Throngs of techies watched Nick Shih deep-freeze an Intel chip so it could run at 5.6GHz rather than its regular 3.2GHz clock speed.

By March 8, 2012


Superoverclocker takes the stage at CeBIT (photos)

Nick Shih shows his technique for supercooling chips to run them far beyond their rated clock speed. It used to be for better videogaming, but now overclocking is a competition in and of itself.

5 Images By March 8, 2012


Fraunhofer's artistic robot at CeBIT (photos)

The Fraunhofer Institute shows off a robot at CeBIT that could take a digital photo and convert it into a drawing. Its day job is measuring the performance of reflective materials.

5 Images By March 7, 2012


Robotation Academy preaches the robot gospel at CeBIT

At the location of Germany's largest trade fair, 4,000 people a year learn robotic manufacturing from VW trainers who hope suppliers will improve quality.

By March 5, 2012