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Project Mosul to restore destroyed antiquities using 3D modelling

The priceless pieces of history destroyed by ISIS at the Mosul Museum may one day live again -- through 3D printing and one dedicated team.

By March 16, 2015


Pirate Doctor: Medical implements from Blackbeard's ship

Archaeologists excavating the Queen Anne's Revenge have found a variety of medical implements indicating health hazards on the high seas.

By February 2, 2015


Mozilla holds its nose and supports DRM video in Firefox

The open-source browser gets a proprietary Adobe software so people can watch video from sites like Netflix over the Web. Supporting it is better than losing Firefox users, Mozilla says.

By May 14, 2014


Teens expelled in keylogging of school computers

Eleven high school students are paying the price for allegedly keylogging their teachers' computers and changing grades at will.

By January 31, 2014


MPAA joins Web standards group amid video DRM dispute

Google and Microsoft are working on a Web standard for video copy protection, but the idea has notable opponents. Now the MPAA can lend its voice directly to the controversy.

By January 8, 2014


UTStarcom CDM-8905 (Verizon Wireless)

The UTStarcom CDM-8905 is a decent and affordable no-nonsense phone from Verizon Wireless, but there are better basic phones in Verizon's lineup.

By October 1, 2007

3 stars Editors' rating October 1, 2007

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UTStarcom CDM-7075 (Verizon Wireless)

The Verizon Wireless CDM-7075 is a decent entry-level camera phone for those who want a basic phone with a basic camera.

By May 3, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating May 3, 2007

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U.S. Cellular lays new prepaid plans on the table

The regional carrier is offering a trio of prepaid data and voice plans.

By June 1, 2012


Apple reminds iWork.com users of impending closure

In unifying its online services around iCloud, Apple reminds its users that it will be shuttering its other online services by July 31.

By May 1, 2012


UTStarcom CDM-120 (Sprint)

The UTStarcom CDM-120 for Sprint is an entry-level clamshell with a trim feature set. Easy to use, it's ideal for cell phone newbies.

By May 25, 2006

3 stars Editors' rating May 25, 2006

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