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Wolfram launches CDF, a new document format

New Computable Document Format is designed to turn documents into interactive applications, but determining how it relates to and competes with existing PDF format will be a challenge.

By July 21, 2011


Erstwhile enemy Sculley: Jobs was 'greatest CEO'

John Sculley, who ousted Jobs from Apple, offered praise after his death. Also: tributes from U.K. leader David Cameron, mathematician Stephen Wolfram, and an XKCD cartoon.

By October 6, 2011


Sharepoint and why ODF, CDF, and other file formats may not matter much

Sharepoint is the biggest threat to open source.

By November 25, 2007


In OpenDocument Foundation discussion, standards blogger gets skinny on CDF

World Wide Web Consortium's Compound Document Format not suitable for Office-style applications, according to standards watcher Andrew Updegrove.

By November 9, 2007


A quasi-comprehensive look at open source in 2007: Part 2

2007 brought a rash of changes to the open-source

By December 27, 2007


Former OpenDocument advocates bolt for W3C standard

The document format sagas continue as ODF gets competition from the W3C's Compound Document Formats.

By October 29, 2007


Macromedia, Adobe make peace for bigger fight

Software makers join forces in $3.4 billion pact to stave off larger threats from both Microsoft and open standards.

By April 18, 2005


Fight over 'forms' clouds future of Net applications

They're used in everything from Google searches to Web tax filings. But standards struggle is rattling W3C and confounding developers.

By February 17, 2005


Info exchange spec based on XML

The new ICE protocol's authors say it will make it easier for Web publishers to exchange content and for firms to distribute their online catalogs.

October 27, 1998