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University installs surveillance cameras in classrooms and dorms to ensure students work hard

Technically Incorrect: Wuchang University of Technology in China believes that it must monitor its students at all times, so that they become great techies.

By June 16, 2016


Rainbow Six Siege update: Full patch notes and release date

A new patch for the team-based shooter arrives this week on PC and consoles, bringing new features, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.

By May 31, 2016


China's floating buses will ride above the roads

To ease congestions in its bigger cities, a Chinese firm has shown off a concept for a bus that drives over the traffic.

By May 26, 2016


The perfect crime? Man allegedly robbed store on hoverboard

Technically Incorrect: British police release CCTV footage of a man rolling into a store and allegedly stealing a crate of energy drinks.

By December 10, 2015


Wi-Fi could come to CCTV, lamp posts in government plans

In a bid to make our city streets more connected, the government wants to put Wi-Fi in lamp posts and CCTV cameras.

By July 16, 2013


Thief caught by CCTV camera he stole

A thief reportedly reaches up to steal a closed-circuit TV camera, not stopping to think that the camera might be taking pictures of him.

By August 9, 2012


CCTV operator error has cop chasing himself

A CCTV operator tells a policeman he sees a man behaving suspiciously. The policeman goes in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, the man behaving suspiciously is actually the policeman.

By February 8, 2012


What if your movements became 3D sculptures?

Computer graphics can turn dance, or any body motion, into gorgeous artistic patterns, as seen in this vid for CCTV.

By August 15, 2013


Will laws soon stop you from filming your neighbors?

With the topical focus on one human spying on another, authorities in the U.K. believe new laws may be necessary to prevent people from filming their neighbors using their CCTV security systems.

By June 9, 2013


Texting woman falls into canal: The movie

A few days ago, a woman texting her lover fell into a canal in Birmingham, England. Now a CCTV video emerges to prove that it was funny. (Or scary, depending on your heart.)

By January 24, 2013