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CA's 'even a caveman can do it' moment

Company is delivering a free software install wizard for the mainframe that works and actually allows mere IT mortals to install software on the mainframe.

By Dec. 16, 2009


So small, even a caveman could parallel-park it

The Smart ForTwo will be available to U.S. buyers in '08. Make your reservations now.

By Mar. 21, 2007


Zombie moss: Plant revives after 1,500 frozen years

Scientists pull a sample of moss out of an ancient deep-freeze and discover it was just waiting for a chance to grow again.

By Mar. 18, 2014


The 404 1,174: Where we enter the cave with Jeff Nimoy (podcast)

The Cooking Caveman Jeff Nimoy tells The 404 the origin story of Sameplate.com, an online dating site matching couples who speak the same diet language.

By Nov. 29, 2012


Episode 42: Torture testing the Samsung Galaxy S4

In this week's episode, we head to Vail, Colo., to test out wearable fitness trackers and the Galaxy S4, and see how they hold up to extreme environments and some rugged sports.

By Jun. 20, 2013


Grill, griddle, and go

Cuisinart looks to change the course of evolution by incorporating a griddle into the lid of a portable grill.

By Apr. 17, 2012


Photos: Medical imaging gets a 4D boost

Canadian researchers show off technology that produces highly detailed, larger-than-life moveable images of the human body.

By May. 24, 2007


How to use Dictation in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Turn voice to text with the nifty Dictation feature built into the new version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion.

By Jul. 10, 2012


Wii virtual console releases for this week

Rounding up the Wii virtual console releases for the week of 3/31.

By Mar. 31, 2008


Infiniti M35h is a modern major hybrid

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2012 Infiniti M35h hybrid.

By Mar. 24, 2011