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Pope blesses Twitter, Facebook to spread Church teachings

Pope Benedict XIV urges Catholics to go forth on social networks and multiply the church's messages of faith.

By January 24, 2013


Catholic Church approves Confession app

Prepare to unburden your conscience with Confession: A Roman Catholic App. Sorry, you still have to go to a confessional for the real thing.

By February 8, 2011


Catholic Match acquires CatholicDaters.com

The union of the singles-dating Web sites "makes sense" on many levels, says Catholic Match co-founder.

By October 9, 2007


To connect with Catholic youth, pope goes digital

Text messages, "digital prayer walls," and a social-networking site are all part of July's World Youth Day in Australia for the Catholic Church.

By May 7, 2008


Archbishop: Give up texting, Facebook, iPhones and computer games

An Italian archbishop suggests that Catholics should give up many of their gadgets and social networking tools. Not just for Lent, but to help stop civil war in Congo.

By March 3, 2009


Loaded: Love for Mom

Could Facebook be Microsoft's rebound hookup? Find out who says Microsoft wants to get Facebook's digits. Plus, still haven't bought anything for Mom yet? Cat Schwartz stops by to give you some suggestions. And, See how the Pope is using technology to connect with younger Catholics.

By May 12, 2008


Congress, Catholic Church make strides with filtering

Efforts to filter pornography or other "harmful material" on the Net are gaining new momentum.

September 21, 2000


Short Take: Catholic Healthcare West will use MSIE

Catholic Healthcare West will use Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 for its intranet, putting the browser on at least 5,000 of the company's desktops.

By March 6, 1997


Short Take: Net-only record firm launches single in MP3

GoodNoise--a Net-only record firm--has launched its first tracks using MP3, a format that produces highly compressed files with good sound quality and is favored by pirates. The songs, by Frank Black and the Catholics, cost 99 cents each, GoodNoise said. The album, to be released in MP3 format next month, will cost $8.99. The move follows Hollywood Records' release last week of a free promotional single in MP3 format.

July 30, 1998