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Photos: Gracenote CarStars

With a celebrity music guide, subscription music service, and a social network, CarStars helps you discover new music with the help of your favorite recording artist in your car. Gracenote, in conjunction with two other companies, launched CarStars at CES 2009.

7 Images By January 8, 2009


Gracenote CarStars first look (video)

CNET Car Tech posts a hands-on video of Gracenote's new CarStars system from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

By January 7, 2009


Gracenote puts a star in your car

CNET Car Tech takes a look at Gracenote's CarStars music system, shown at 2009 CES.

By January 8, 2009


100: Total cell phone ban for drivers?

We name the best car tech from CES, visit the very different auto show in Detroit, and hear about a total cell phone ban in cars.

By January 13, 2009


CES 2009: Car Tech wrap-up

CNET's Car Tech editors reflect on the future of cabin tech post-CES 2009.

By January 12, 2009