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Cars.com's Super Bowl ad teaser: The call of the bizarre

There hasn't been quite as strange a teaser for a Super Bowl ad as this thing from Cars.com. What can this possibly presage?

By February 3, 2013


Cars.com reviews the 2010 Lincoln MKZ

Web video review of the 2010 Lincoln MKZ.

By August 26, 2009


Vroom raises $54 million to make buying a used car less horrible

Investors continue pouring cash into online car buying as companies keep trying to bridge the lack of trust between used-car buyers and sellers.

By July 20, 2015


Cars.com assesses car tech innovations for the next decade

Cars.com assesses car tech innovations for the next decade

By August 4, 2006


The Super Bowl ads: Tech winners and losers (first half)

Which tech company had the best first half ad in the Super Bowl? Here's a detailed analysis, written as it happened.

By February 5, 2012


Automakers spoof movies in Super Bowl ads, and employ many dogs

Automakers roll out Super Bowl XLVI commercials ahead of time. Several commercials set to debut on game day promise to be memorable.

By February 2, 2012


How to shop for cars with Android

Car shoppers have access to a litany of online resources and many of them are also available for Android devices. We'll show you some of the most popular car-shopping apps for Android.

By January 20, 2012


2012 Cruze to get flash nav

Reports say that the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze will swap its hard-drive-based navigation for a flash-based system.

By July 6, 2011


Super Bowl: The tech winners and losers

Tech companies tried their best at the Super Bowl. Some enhanced their reputation, and some must have left many of the real people watching very confused.

By February 6, 2011


The players for Super Bowl XLV

Automotive News reports on automotive advertising for the 2011 Super Bowl.

By February 1, 2011