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Advanced Mobile Care for Android

It may not spell out its methods in a Help section, but Advanced Mobile Care is effective at scanning and optimizing your Android system.

By December 5, 2012

4 stars Editors' rating December 5, 2012
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Alcatel CareTime

The Alcatel CareTime lets children phone home with a single button press, and can notify you if they stray.

By January 4, 2016

MSRP: $120.00


7 reasons people aren't wearing their Apple Watch

It's been a year since the Apple Watch has been released, and some of our editors couldn't care less about theirs.

By April 24, 2016


Teen on Snapchat crashed car at 107 mph, lawsuit claims

Technically Incorrect: A teenage girl crashes a Mercedes while using a Snapchat filter that records speed. The victim, an Uber driver, is suing her and Snapchat over life-altering injuries.

By April 29, 2016


Apple's debut CareKit apps target diabetes, depression, pregnancy

The new apps are designed to iPhone owners better manage medical conditions like depression and diabetes.

By April 28, 2016

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iFamCare Helmet

iFamCare is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign for Helmet, a 1080p security camera with loads of special features.

By August 3, 2015


Apple CareKit apps arrive, giving more data to your doctor

Next time you visit the doc, you might get a prescription for an app. Bridget Carey explains what some of the first CareKit apps can track. Meanwhile, Samsung shares big virtual-reality dreams.

By April 28, 2016


Watch this priceless Ferrari F40 drift through snow without a care in the world

Sort of makes you wonder about all the decisions you've made in this life, doesn't it?

By March 30, 2016


The Xbox is finally becoming a Windows PC. Do you care?

This summer, Microsoft will unify the Windows 10 and Xbox One app stores, fulfilling a long-standing promise to let game consoles double as Windows computers.

By March 30, 2016


WTF is VR, and why should you care? (podcast)

Scott Stein and Sean Hollister took a break from the VR goggles for a few minutes to sit down and separate the hype from the (virtual) reality.

By March 27, 2016