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Rafe recommends: Scan your business cards with CardMunch

It's almost too simple, but CardMunch does a very good job of helping you get a pile of business cards onto your iPhone.

By November 17, 2011


LinkedIn's new CardMunch app upgrades lowly business card

The company's new version of its CardMunch mobile app connects to your LinkedIn account.

By November 15, 2011


LinkedIn nurtures professional relationships with Contacts app

The professional social network takes networking to a new level with a desktop and iPhone app for staying in touch with your most important contacts.

By April 25, 2013


Startups at SXSW: Lots of buzz, little substance

The deluge of highly touted but ephemeral products at SXSW highlights a mounting lack of substance among new startups.

By March 26, 2012


Day Two at Launch: Five amazing, boring winners

Real problems solved by real companies. Wake up! What's not to love?

By March 8, 2012


Three ways your smartphone can lighten up a heavy wallet

Digitize your paper trail and get rid of wallet bulk with this guide for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

By February 14, 2012


Evernote Hello shares cooties and contacts

New contact collection app from multiplatform notebook software vendor adds people as part of your narrative.

By December 7, 2011