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Ball Freshtech Automatic Home Canning System

For many, I think the convenience of the Ball Freshtech Automatic Home Canning System will be worth the price. It's a fantastic starter kit and a great option for experienced canners who want to complete a batch in less time.

By Dec. 10, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Dec. 10, 2013

MSRP: $299.99


The Ball Freshtech Automatic Home Canning System is easy and fun!

This Ball appliance simplifies home canning.

Dec. 10, 2013


Inside the Ball Freshtech Automatic Home Canning System (pictures)

This gadget prepares your jars for preservation and adjusts the temperature and time based on recipe and altitude.

15 Images By Dec. 10, 2013


Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning, 'Hit The Wall': Free MP3 of the Day

BSS's trademark circumspect sprawl is rendered here with a particular ear for deep textures and black moods. Download a free MP3 of "Hit The Wall" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By Aug. 8, 2008


Judge: We can't have kids suing parents for an iPhone or Xbox

In a New Jersey case in which a teen is suing her parents for tuition fees and other bills, the judge fears kids will try to sue their parents to get gadgets.

By Mar. 5, 2014


Pack up extra produce

If you've got extra produce on your hands, preserving it with the Home Preserving Kit will let you get the most out of your food.

By Jul. 10, 2009


Microsoft, Lexmark to cross-license patents

Software giant and printer maker Lexmark enter a patent cross-licensing agreement, designed to encompass a wide swath of their products.

By Mar. 17, 2009


Iomega items:<br>

Iomega items:

By Nov. 5, 1999


U.S. venture-backed IPOs absent in second quarter

In a sign of the market malaise, not a single U.S. venture-backed company launched an IPO in the second quarter, according to a recently released venture capital report.

By Jul. 1, 2008


HTC to stop bundling Beats headphones with handsets

HTC will stop throwing in Beats-branded headphones with its phones, despite a high-profile tie-up.

By Apr. 7, 2012