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iPad Mini cannibalizing sales of iPad 4, says analyst

The Mini is doing well but at the expense of the fourth-generation model, according to an investors note from Citi.

By November 29, 2012


Cook the cannibal: Apple chief's secret product recipe

Unlike its rivals, Apple was willing to swallow hard and ultimately doom one of its traditional cash cows.

By February 14, 2012


Microsoft's fourth quarter unravels, Surface RT bet a flop

Company's fourth-quarter financials miss estimates, and the software giant is left holding the bag on Surface RT units.

By July 18, 2013


T-Mobile CEO: Next shake-up will convert non-believers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere offers CNET a few more clues to its next move as it continues to upend the industry.

By July 10, 2013


Has Samsung gone too niche with its new GS4 smartphones?

commentary Samsung's new Galaxy S4 devices are geared toward niche markets, but they also force consumers to accept some compromises in terms of hardware specs. Will the strategy work?

By June 22, 2013


Apple: We wanted a 'level playing field' for publishers

In testimony, Apple says it wanted to even the odds for publishers big and small with its e-book store.

By June 4, 2013


Apple to sell 75 million low-cost iPhones next year, says analyst

The much-rumored low-cost iPhone would cannibalize sales from the more expensive model but help Apple grab a healthy chunk of the low-end smartphone market.

By April 16, 2013


Halo still in effect: Apple sees iPads as gateway to Macs

Where Apple once saw the iPod as a gateway for Mac computers, it now says iPads are doing the same thing.

By April 23, 2013


Apple's Q1 Mac numbers were either very good, or terrible

IDC and Gartner both say U.S. Mac shipments in the first three months of the year changed by 7.5 percent or thereabouts. Problem is, one says up, the other down.

By April 10, 2013


R2-D2 light-up bra goes beep and boop on your bust

Geek fashion goes overboard with a DIY R2-D2 bra that whistles, beeps, and flashes like a real droid.

By April 1, 2013