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Top car technologies that will save you gas now. CNET On Cars, Episode 4

The best tech from the Paris auto show, the real difference between a Prius Plug-In and a Chevy Volt, and the Top 5 technologies that will save you gas right now.

By October 14, 2012


IndyCar technology under a hood near you: CNET On Cars Episode 2

Hit the track with Cooley to see -- and hear -- IndyCar tech, learn why turbos are like a magic trick and get the list of Top 5 car technologies you can blow off.

By September 17, 2012


Interop interludes

Here it is, Day Three at Interop Las Vegas, and the activities are running as fast as a Dense Wave Division Multiplexing optical network.

By May 23, 2007


Sun picks right-hand folks for Schwartz

Appointments round out lead execs under the new CEO. Now investors will wait to see how it works.

By May 15, 2006


Sun shines spotlight on storage

Adapting Galaxy servers, adding brains to storage systems among plans to turn around weak part of business.

By May 1, 2006


Sun's 'Honeycomb' storage late, but imminent?

Company expects the storage technology will increase performance and reliability.

By April 24, 2006


IBM, NFL aim to fast-forward footage

Under a partnership set to be announced Thursday, Big Blue tech will let producers quickly republish video, audio and text.

By October 19, 2005


Sun completes StorageTek acquisition

Some analysts frown on deal, saying Sun has blundered with buyouts before. But CEO says buy provides major sales force for storage products.

By September 1, 2005


This week in Sun

Sun Microsystems takes out its checkbook this week and makes a big bet on its future.

By June 3, 2005


Sun to buy StorageTek for $4.1 billion

Deal will expand Sun's storage product line, sales channels, sales force and partner network.

By June 2, 2005