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49 iPhone games that would rock with a controller

With a slew of iPhone game controllers on the horizon alongside iOS 7, CNET's rounded down some of the top games that would just play better with a real controller.

By June 19, 2013


Atari classic Pitfall reborn for iOS

Pitfall Harry returns in this lively "free runner," which is both an excellent homage to the original and a fun spin on the genre.

By August 9, 2012


Android games console Ouya wants $950k to become real

Ouya's Kickstarter console needs a huge wodge of cash to become a real product, but it certainly sounds intriguing.

By July 10, 2012


Super Meat Boy on iPhone, squelching onto Android as well?

Popular Xbox platformer Super Meat Boy is squelching onto iOS, and possibly Android as well.

By April 2, 2012


Name your own price for a four-game Android bundle

The Humble Bundle for Android 2 includes games not just for your smartphone and tablet, but also your desktop. And if you pay at least the average, you get a fifth game.

By March 21, 2012


Lionsgate taps indie developer for official 'Hunger Games' game

What does Katniss Everdeen look like as an 8-bit character? You'll find out in Girl on Fire for iOS, which might not be the "Hunger Games" tie-in you're expecting.

By February 21, 2012


More iOS games on sale--and this time, it's charitable

The Indie iPhone Holiday Sale offers six games for 99 cents apiece, with a third of the proceeds going to the terrific Child's Play charity.

By December 21, 2010


Best free iPhone game alternatives for Android phones

Those smug iPhone owners with their myriad of excellent mobile games, honestly it makes us sick. Show 'em who's boss with these excellent Android alternatives...

By November 16, 2010


The 10 greatest mobile games of all time

Without mobile games, every time we got on a bus or train we'd be left staring stupidly into the middle distance, slowly boring ourselves to death. Join us as we honour history's greatest timewasters...

By November 4, 2010


Best iPad games

The iPad's large-format screen, high pixel count, multi-touch controls and motion capabilities have the potential to put it in a league of its own when it comes to portable gaming. From ambient floating blob simulators to frantic first-person shooters, we've rounded up our ten favourite iPad games.

By October 15, 2010