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Spam: You just can't win

No real solutions arise at the Information Security Best Practices conference at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

By January 30, 2009


Can Spam is working--Not!

By December 21, 2005


Google failing to protect you from bad BBM apps, experts say

With multiple fake BBM apps in the official Android app store, security experts have condemned Google's failure to clean up its act.

By October 17, 2013


Google's reading of Gmail e-mail can be challenged, judge rules

Judge puts stop to company's motion to dismiss class-action suit regarding scanning of Gmail e-mails, says Wiretap Act is applicable.

By September 26, 2013


MySpace wins $234 million antispam judgment

So-called spam king Sanford Wallace is on the losing end of what may be the largest award ever under the Can-Spam Act.

By May 13, 2008


Google rolling out one-click unsubscribe to Gmail users

Google is adding an "unsubscribe" link in the header of marketing and promotional emails to remove the frustration of trying to find it in the footer.

By February 23, 2014


Facebook awarded $873 million in spam case

In largest judgment in history of Can-Spam Act, Canadian man is ordered to pay the company $873 million for allegedly spamming Facebook users.

By November 24, 2008


Spamming Net drug dealer gets 30 years in prison

Christopher William Smith, once nicknamed "the poster child for the Can-Spam Act," is sentenced on charges related to his $24 million online pharmacy operation.

By August 2, 2007


Formspring forges out of awkward adolescence

Like many a teenager, the question-and-answer service grew like a weed and got a questionable reputation. A funding round and new media-friendly feature are designed to help clean up its act.

By January 11, 2011


The 404 880: Where we separate the hacks from the cracks (podcast)

Today we're taking issue with the misuse of the word "hacked." With news stories about Stuxnet, PlayStation 3, and News of the World throwing around the term with no specific definition, we define exactly what it means to hack...at least according to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

By August 11, 2011