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Can-Am Maverick: Ripping the great outdoors to shreds

Four wheels and a combustion engine is usually a recipe for a conventional form of transportation. In the hands of BRP however, they are the building blocks of something a lot more fun.

By December 11, 2014


Can-Am Spyder: Sportscar performance on three wheels

This three-wheeler is the first road-going vehicle from BRP, a company better known for its snow and water vehicles. XCAR took a look at one of these bundles of fun -- and the history of BRP.

By September 18, 2014


BRP's Can-Am Spyder RT is three-wheeled fun (pictures)

The XCAR team tend to get their kicks with four-wheeled vehicles most of the time, but the Can-Am Spyder looked like too much fun to miss.

20 Images By August 7, 2014


Photos: BRP Can-Am Spyder

The Can-Am Spyder is similar to a motorcycle, in that it uses one rear belt-driven wheel, but two front wheels differentiate it. The Spyder is relatively easy to drive and gets about 35 miles per gallon, making it a potentially inexpensive commute vehicle.

10 Images By July 17, 2008


The sporty commuter

CNET Car Tech takes a ride on the BRP Can-Am Spyder.

By July 17, 2008


Y-shaped motorcycle is a different kind of hybrid

BRP's 2008 Can-Am Spyder touts stability with speed

By February 13, 2007