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Griddle like you're at a diner

The Calphalon Unison Nonstick Short Order Griddle makes it easy to cook a classic American diner breakfast.

By August 2, 2012


Wave a wand, make a meal

The Calphalon Electrics 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender is a convenient tool for prepping a variety of ingredients. The attachments include a chopper, a blending wand, and a whisk.

By November 1, 2011


Stay warm with a slow cooker

The Calphalon Digital Slow Cooker is a new model that makes it easier than ever to come home to a waiting hot meal.

By January 3, 2011


Poach an egg in this fry pan

The Calphalon Unison Slide Nonstick 10" Fry Pan features a removable insert for poaching eggs.

By June 11, 2009


Toaster oven rivals <i>oven</i>-oven in versatility

The Calphalon Convection Toaster Oven combines features into one handy kitchen appliance.

By February 17, 2009


Exploring the indoor grill

The Calphalon Removable Plate Grill incorporates user-friendly features, making mealtime cooking as easy as remembering to set the timer.

By February 18, 2009