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As Yahoo meets, still no official nod for Levinsohn as CEO

Defying predictions, the ever-rejiggering Web company makes no announcement to formally remove "interim" from the title of the well-credentialed media exec.

By July 12, 2012


Silver Lake gets expansion boost from CalPERS investment

The California Public Employees Retirement System takes a 9.9 percent investment stake in the technology private equity firm.

By January 9, 2008


Report: Khosla Ventures enlists Calpers for clean tech

Will a $640 million capital infusion bridge the "funding gap" for energy start-ups?

By June 6, 2008


What is clean tech?

Cleantech, also referred to as clean technology, and often used interchangeably with the term greentech, has emerged as an umbrella term encompassing the investment asset class, technology, and business sectors which include clean energy, environmental, a

By August 10, 2008


Finding the clean tech money

Green tech financiers share tips for spotting sustainable start-ups.

By September 12, 2007


Calif. retirement fund tenders PeopleSoft shares

Calpers joins group of big PeopleSoft investors backing a $9.2 billion Oracle buyout.

By November 18, 2004


Can IT fuel clean energy technologies?

With crude hovering near $50 a barrel, Nicholas Parker heads a VC group seeking out investments in "clean" technologies.

By November 9, 2004


Social responsibility in dollars and cents

When tech companies want to do the right thing, Ernst Ligteringen is the man they increasingly turn to for advice.

By November 4, 2004


Diagnosing WebMD

The health care company has survived the dot-com bust via a steady stream of acquisitions that has given it three principal means of support--and a lot of options.

May 11, 2004


Evaluating governance codes

Can corporate-governance codes actually get companies to clean up their acts? McKinsey finds that such codes can indeed be effective--within limits.

April 18, 2004