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Calculate your GPA with GPA calculators

Give your brain a rest after a long semester of classes. Instead of manually trying to figure out your GPA, use GPA calculators.

By Dec. 13, 2011


Opinion: Advanced calculators on the iPhone

CNET columnist Stephen Shankland recently wrote about Hewlett-Packard releasing iPhone apps for various models of the popular HP scientific calculators that were released over the years. Along with Apple's included calculator, various scientific and st

By Jul. 8, 2009


HP reincarnates calculators on iPhone, Windows

Hewlett-Packard has given new life to its calculator history through applications for the iPhone and Windows. They're practical, but not cheap.

By Jun. 26, 2009


Calculators that teachers can monitor

Wireless information sent in real time

By May. 15, 2007


App of the Day: AppZilla 3

By Oct. 22, 2012


An Apple watch? The hints have been out there

commentary If you know where to look, there have been signs aplenty of Apple gearing up to launch a watch and of the kinds of content we might expect to see on it.

By Feb. 11, 2014


Jurors: Samsung didn't make its case in Apple damages retrial

A jury rules that Samsung must pay additional damages for patent infringement. The amount is much more than Samsung said it owes and brings the total award to about $930 million.

By Nov. 21, 2013