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Huawei exec sees no growth in U.S. this year

Due to the federal government's concerns over security, telecommunicatons gear maker has effectively been shut out of the American market for now.

By April 3, 2013


Explosion rocks Apple supplier's factory

As-yet-unopened factory in Shanghai was expected to produce parts for current and future generations of the iPad, Reuters reports.

By December 18, 2011


ABCs of Car Tech: Talk like a tuner

In this week's edition of the ABCs of Car Tech, we explain the most basic tuner terminology so that you can sound less like a noob when discussing performance mods.

By November 29, 2011


Lenovo planning to release a 23-inch tablet this year. Wait, how big?

It's not the size of your tablet, but how you use it. So what would you use a 23-inch tablet for? Lenovo is planning to launch a monster slate this year, which will be more than twice the size of rivals.

By April 13, 2011


Can Google score with in-game ads?

As the search giant sorts out how it might serve ads into online games, it has to take the Xbox factor into account.

By February 9, 2007


Phone, cable companies embracing Web 2.0

As cable and telephone companies increasingly offer the same services, some are turning to Internet collaboration to set themselves apart.

By November 8, 2006


In-game ads to hit $400 million by 2009

Increased female, family playing will attract more advertising to the growing medium, research group says.

By June 14, 2006


Tech to thwart food poisoning, bioterror

A new data mining technique may help scientists track and predict locations of red tides, bioterrorist attacks and even murderers. Image: On the lookout for red algae

By August 16, 2005


PSP no one-trick pony

Sony's slick gaming machine hits the North American market this week. Will it conquer? Photos: PSP heads stateside

By March 21, 2005