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Short Take: Hughes, CAIS to provide satellite Internet

Hughes Network Systems (HNS), a division of Hughes Electronics, and CAIS Internet have agreed on an alliance to offer satellite-based Internet access to businesses and consumers. CAIS, which offers Net access in pre-wired hotels and apartment buildings, will offer Hughes' corporate DirecWay and residential DirecPC satellite Internet services. Satellite-based Net access is growing in popularity in hard-to-reach areas, remote locations and rural geographies.

October 10, 2000


CAIS beats 1Q expectations

May 8, 2000


Short Take: CAIS Internet to roll out DSL service

Internet service provider CAIS Internet has begun offering high-speed Net access via digital subscriber line (DSL) in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland as part of a nationwide roll out. CAIS, through agreements with Bell Atlantic and Covad, plans to offer the HyperDSL service in Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco during the first quarter of 1999. The service will start at $57.95 for download speeds of 640 kbps.

November 23, 1998


Short Take: CAI distribution list circulated

Computer Associates acknowledged that 4,000 email addresses in a distribution list for users of its ArcServe product were circulated repeatedly among the subscribers to the list and to a separate list in Australia. The company issued an apology to the list subscribers and ascribed the incident to human error.

By January 27, 1998


Short Take: Unison joins Oracle's CAI

Unison Software and Oracle will develop an Oracle interface for Unison Maestro job scheduler. The interface will let users integrate the scheduling of Oracle and non-Oracle applications to provide a single point of control across the network. This is part of Oracle's Cooperative Applications Initiative (CAI), a program to provide customers with a set of applications with guaranteed compatibility. The module with Oracle interface will be available in January. Prices range from $1,000 per agent to $14,000 for the master console.

By December 5, 1996


Short: Platinum joins Oracle's CAI, integrates tool

Platinum Technology announced that it has joined Oracle's Cooperative Application Initiative (CAI). Under this CAI relationship, Platinum will integrate its server-based reporting tool, InfoReports, with Oracle Financials. InfoReports is a reporting tool that enables users to retrieve data from multiple databases on multiple platforms and combine the data into a single customized report.

By October 14, 1996


A Web without wires

Wireless Web access that let consumers surf the Net and send email is spreading its wings, for industry giant CAI Wireless files a petition with federal regulators to offer high-speed wireless access on a permanent basis.

By October 16, 1996


Unwired access slated

CAI Wireless Systems unveils plans to roll out wireless Internet access as early as January, another sign that this burgeoning technology may be the next big thing for the Net.

By September 16, 1996