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Time Warner Cable, Cablevision light up NYC parks with Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi hotspots are part of a partnership between the cable companies and New York City that includes a $10 million investment fund for Wi-Fi deployment in parks and public spaces.

By Jul. 16, 2013


Cablevision unveils iPad app

As Time Warner Cable's own iPad app continues to face objections from Discovery and other program providers over Internet-distribution issues, Cablevision releases app it says sidesteps the Net, and thus the licensing question.

By Apr. 2, 2011


Cablevision to Aereo: Don't compare your case to ours

To defend itself against a copyright complaint brought by TV broadcasters, Aereo cited a 2008 court victory won by Cablevision. But Cablevision says Aereo is not entitled to the same protection.

By Sep. 25, 2012


Cablevision subscribers: How to watch Fox

As the dispute between the cable company and the News Corp. continues at an impasse, here's how to get your Fox fix.

By Oct. 21, 2010


Viacom and Cablevision settle iPad app spat

Viacom and Cablevision announce that the lawsuit between the two companies has been settled and that Cablevision can continue to pipe Viacom content through its iPad app.

By Aug. 10, 2011


Viacom to Cablevision: iPad app goes too far

Viacom doesn't want Cablevision streaming video to the iPad either. Last week, the video giant went after Time Warner Cable and also issued a statement warning Cablevision to take down its content from the app.

By Apr. 11, 2011


Cablevision to Verizon: Get your false ads off the air

Cablevision sues Verizon for bashing the cable company in its Fios commercials, claiming that Verizon was using outdated data.

By Dec. 7, 2011


Cablevision to test PC-to-TV service

Cable provider will begin testing a service called PC to TV Media Relay that's designed to let customers watch content from their computers on their TVs.

By Feb. 26, 2010


Cablevision wins DVR appeal

Cablevision win an appeal that will let it deliver a new DVR service that allows people to remotely store movies and TV shows in the Cablevision network.

By Aug. 4, 2008


Why the Aereo Supreme Court case over TV’s future is too tough to call

Curious if the Supreme Court will let Aereo live or die? So are copyright experts at the country’s top law schools, especially with the future of TV and digital copyright on the line.

By Apr. 21, 2014