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Virgin Media down in Portsmouth after cables cut

Virgin Media is down in Portsmouth after a cable was cut by roadworks, leaving customers potentially cut off until Thursday.

By June 4, 2013


Cable cut slows Net to Silicon Valley

A construction mishap interrupts Internet service for about an hour for UUNet customers in two San Francisco Bay Area cities.

By October 30, 2002


My summer of HBO Go: What HBO's app can teach Netflix (and vice versa)

HBO Go's the future of TV...and also the past. Here's one cable-cutting editor's summer trying out HBO's mobile service.

By July 26, 2011


Cable cut slows Net access to Far East

Internet access across the Pacific eventually bounced back following a breakdown in international communications after a trans-Pacific cable was cut.

By February 9, 2001


Cable cut severs MCI Worldcom service

A cut in MCI Worldcom's fiber optic network throws the company's long distance service into disarray this afternoon.

By November 13, 1998