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Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable

The $40 ​BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable is similar in concept to Apple's MagSafe power connector.

By January 4, 2016

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Microsoft Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows

Microsoft takes the Xbox One controller and adds a cable for PC gaming.

By September 16, 2014

MSRP: $59.95


Everything coming and going on Netflix for August 2016

What's leaving Netflix in August might be more noteworthy than what's coming.

By July 25, 2016


Motorola SBG6782-AC Surfboard eXtreme Cable Modem

If you're looking to upgrade your existing cable-Internet-based home network, or start anew, the Motorola SBG6782-AC is currently the most complete and advanced all-in-one modem-router combo you can get. Non-cable users need not apply.

By August 7, 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating August 7, 2013

Netflix's 'Orange Is the New Black' would have been cable's No. 2 show

A Nielsen report seen by The Wall Street Journal shows massive viewership numbers for the crew at Litchfield Penitentiary.

By June 30, 2016


USB's all-in-one cable gets IEC's stamp of approval

IEC formally adopts USB Type-C as the international standard for delivering data and power.

By July 13, 2016


Netflix is coming to your Comcast cable box this year

Comcast agrees to bring Netflix directly to its X1 platform. The streaming service is now partners with the No. 1 cable operator in the US.

By July 5, 2016


Comcast will let you watch Netflix like a regular cable channel

The deal with the No. 1 US cable company is the biggest Netflix has ever scored.

By July 5, 2016


Google builds superfast internet cable built between US and Japan

Google is part of a consortium that helped connect Oregon to Chiba, Japan, over a 5,600 mile cable.

By July 2, 2016


Japan, US connected thanks to Google's undersea cable (CNET Update)

Faster networking is now live with a 5,600-mile internet cable across the Pacific Ocean.

By June 30, 2016