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Twitter buys mobile-app maker Cabana

Staff at Cabana, a startup that makes technology to create mobile apps, is joining Twitter immediately while its app will be shut down on December 1.

By October 16, 2012


SpaceX getting ready for weather satellite launch

In addition to launching a weather station into space, the private space-exploration company will once again attempt to land the launch rocket on a barge.

By February 9, 2015


NASA marks 10th anniversary of Columbia disaster

Space agency marks the anniversaries of the Columbia, Challenger, and Apollo 1 disasters with an emotional memorial service, vowing to do everything possible to prevent a recurrence.

By February 2, 2013


Orion capsule, built for deep space, gets to Florida

NASA's first Orion vehicle settles in at the Kennedy Space Center to get outfitted for an unmanned test flight in 2014. The first manned flight is expected around 2021.

By July 2, 2012


SOPA song shows times a-changin' for would-be Dylans

In an era when Peter, Paul, and Mary aren't topping the charts with "Blowin' in the Wind," the protest song still seems to be finding a way to make itself heard.

By January 20, 2012


New 'Firewall' song protests SOPA copyright bill (Q&A)

The songwriter behind the 2007 Internet hit "I Got a Crush on Obama" is now taking aim at SOPA in a new music video titled "Firewall."

By December 20, 2011


Boeing leases old shuttle hangar for commercial spacecraft

Boeing aims to build its CST-100 commercial manned spacecraft there, a first-of-its-kind deal that's contingent on additional NASA contracts.

By October 31, 2011


5 great uses for an HP TouchPad

Wondering what to do with your $99 TouchPad now that HP has pulled the plug on it? We've got five solid ideas for where the TouchPad might fit into your life.

By August 22, 2011


White House to install rooftop solar panels

To demonstrate the potential of alternative energy, the roof of the presidential residence will have solar hot water and solar electric panels installed by next spring.

By October 5, 2010


Kodak PlayTouch mini-camcorder is more Science Club than Rugby Club

Kodak's new PlayTouch looks and acts like a Flip Camera -- one that's been injected with enough steroids to kill a large badger.

By August 23, 2010