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Mac Messenger 2.0a4; Epson Stylus C12C800WN Firmware; Linksys Wireless-G Access Point 1.05; more

Mac Messenger 2.0a4; Epson Stylus C12C800WN Firmware; Linksys Wireless-G Access Point 1.05; more

By January 30, 2003


Toshiba unveils new AMD/Ivy Bridge Satellite C, L, S, P, and Qosmio laptops

Looking for a next-gen laptop? Toshiba's are coming soon, but you won't see many differences on the outside.

By April 10, 2012


Dell sheds unwanted pounds in laptop

The computer maker plans to unleash smaller notebooks packing features similar to larger notebooks. There will be a few compromises as it takes a swing at Gateway's and IBM's business.

By November 9, 2001


Your first PC: Ah, memories...

Readers share their earliest PC memories. Responses reveal a passion for the power of the personal computer.

By August 10, 2001


Dell reconfigures notebook

Dell Computer has added new configurations to its wireless-ready Latitude C800 notebook line. The new options include a 14.1-inch active-matrix display, an Intel 800MHz mobile Pentium III processor and a hard drive of up to 48GB that runs more quietly than previous hard drives. The machine, which is targeted at the small business and education markets, includes integrated 802.11b wireless capabilities and a CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD or CD-RW/DVD combination drive. A basic configuration, which includes 128MB of memory, a 10GB hard drive and a CD-ROM drive costs $2,059. A model with a 48GB hard drive and a CD-RW/DVD combination drive costs $2,857.

By June 19, 2001


Notebooks hit 1GHz

Notebooks reach a gigahertz, just about a year after Intel and Advanced Micro Devices released their first 1GHz desktop chips.

By March 19, 2001


Notebook makers prepare 1GHz blitz

Intel plans to launch its 1GHz mobile Pentium III chip for notebooks Monday, along with a 900MHz mobile Pentium III and a 750MHz mobile Celeron chip, sources say.

By March 16, 2001


Portable PC growth leaves desktops standing still

The desktop PC may be headed for the geriatric ward, but svelte and brawny notebooks are ready to take its place as the most significant computer product.

January 29, 2001


Dell lops up to 20 percent off notebook prices

The PC maker slashes prices of corporate notebooks in reaction to both falling component costs and a grim sales environment.

By December 21, 2000


Compaq laptops to sport slot for snap-on wireless modems

The company takes on those annoying wireless notebook modems by creating a slot that will let consumers snap on connections for Bluetooth or cellular communications.

By November 14, 2000