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Pantech C600 spotted on FCC site

First UMTS 3G phone from Pantech for the U.S. market may be out this year.

By February 6, 2007


The Apple effect on your next 'PC'

Because of the rise of the iPad, don't be surprised if your next PC is (also) a tablet.

By September 8, 2012


Toshiba Satellite updates include Nvidia 3D A665, 'sleep and music,' lower-end budget C line

Updates across all Toshiba laptops offer up a vast number of configurations, but highlights include a new 3D laptop and a unique way to use your notebook's speakers.

By June 15, 2010


Tiny phone, huge camera.

The Samsung C600 has huge resolution, tiny size.

By October 12, 2007


Dell laptop doubles up on batteries

When operating without wires, sometimes two batteries are better than one--so argues Dell Computer with the release of a new Latitude notebook, the Latitude C610. The new model, a follow-up to Dell's Latitude C600, adds Intel Pentium III-M processors running at speeds from 866MHz to 1.2GHz and the ability to install a second battery. The battery, which fits into the notebook's disk drive bay, helps supply added juice to support power-hungry wireless LAN (local area network) applications, a Dell representative said. Prices for the C610 start at about $2,200.

By October 3, 2001


Dell ships millionth Latitude

Dell Computer has shipped its 1 millionth Latitude C600 notebook, a company representative said Wednesday. The C600, introduced last September and designed for business use, was the first Latitude with a new, curvy look--part of a larger computer redesign launched by Dell last year. The C600 was also Dell's first notebook to offer built-in support for wireless access, with an antenna for 802.11B wireless networking.

By September 5, 2001


Dell thinks thin with upcoming notebook

The company's new "ultra-portable" notebook packs features normally found in its larger notebooks and squeezes them into much smaller chassis.

By September 19, 2001


Dell releases new notebooks

Dell Computer launched on Monday a new Latitude notebook, the C500, and bumped up the processor speed of the existing C600 model. Dell is targeting the Latitude C500 at business, education and government customers. The C500 starts at $1,599 with a 700MHz Pentium III, 12.1-inch display, 128MB of RAM, 8MB of video memory, 6GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, modem and Windows 2000. The C600, which sells for $2,359, packs a 1GHz Pentium III, 14.1-inch SXGA+ display and features similar to the new model.

May 7, 2001


Dell, start-up team on wireless access for travelers

The PC maker will work with Wayport to provide wireless access that lets notebooks make Internet connections in hotel lobbies and airports.

February 20, 2001


Dell lops up to 20 percent off notebook prices

The PC maker slashes prices of corporate notebooks in reaction to both falling component costs and a grim sales environment.

By December 21, 2000