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Nokia C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06 Symbian trio offer double SIMs

Say what you see: it's the Nokia C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06, a trio of affordable Nokia Symbian phones.

By June 21, 2011


One Direction Nokia C2-02 and C3 hands-on photos

X-Factor pop-quintet One Direction have spruced up two special-edition Nokia phones, and we've got hands-on photos.

11 Images By September 20, 2011


YeZ concept car sucks in C02, exhales oxygen

YeZ works its photoelectric conversion with the help of solar panels on the roof, wind power conversion via small wind turbines in the wheels, and carbon dioxide absorption and conversion through the bodywork.

By May 20, 2010


Utilities Updates: Folder Contents CM�1.0.2; Mobile High Speed 3G�4.02c; SoftRAID�3.0.3; more

Utilities Updates: Folder Contents CM 1.0.2; Mobile High Speed 3G 4.02c; SoftRAID 3.0.3; more

By May 14, 2004


Utilities Updates: Laze E.�1.5b6; FAwindowing 101�1.02; IPNetMonitorX�1.3c1; MultiDock�1.1; more

Utilities Updates: Laze E. 1.5b6; FAwindowing 101 1.02; IPNetMonitorX 1.3c1; MultiDock 1.1; more

By August 8, 2003


Crush enemy bottles with this power glove

Want a really firm handshake? Try Bionic Concepts' Exo Gauntlet 2.0 and you'll make an impression.

By June 6, 2012


Using wind power, Audi aims for carbon-neutral motoring

As a first step toward a carbon-neutral fleet of vehicles, Audi plans to use wind power as a source of clean energy for its electric e-tron and natural gas vehicles.

By May 13, 2011


Upcoming FWD BMWs will share Mini architecture

Automotive News reports on BMW's plans to build front-wheel-drive vehicles.

By November 16, 2010


Remove unwanted items from photos with free Inpaint (Win)

This popular utility, normally $20, does automatically what would usually require a lot of manual editing in Photoshop. Plus: three bonus deals!

By October 23, 2012


Study warns against hyping carbon-fixing biochar

To determine whether man-made charcoal, or biochar, can significantly cut carbon levels in the atmosphere, large-scale systems need to be tested, according to an NRDC analysis.

By November 29, 2010