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Best Buy earnings drop 77 percent, offering buyouts

The electronics retailer's third-quarter sales are down, and it offers voluntary buyouts to "nearly all" of its 4,000 employees in an attempt to curb future layoffs.

By Dec. 16, 2008


Yahoo's Aviate gets smart when headphones are in

Plug a set of headphones into an Android phone, and pertinent musical information automatically surfaces.

By Feb. 12, 2014


Yahoo buys content-speeding startup PeerCDN

In line with its focus on the stuff users read and view, the Internet giant acquires a "content delivery network" to help with its media efforts.

By Dec. 17, 2013


Yahoo reportedly wants to buy popular photo-sharing site Imgur

According to Business Insider, the tech giant has been in talks to acquire the startup, a Reddit favorite.

By Dec. 9, 2013


BlackBerry: Now's the 'right time' to explore alternatives

The beleaguered smartphone maker says it will consider "strategic alternatives" that could range from joint ventures to an outright sale of its operations.

By Aug. 12, 2013


Will Bezos disrupt the news industry with the Washington Post?

analysis It would be out of character for the Amazon CEO to become a passive owner for such an iconic brand. Part of the intrigue may be in taking on another industry and seeing if he can shake it up in fundamental ways.

By Aug. 5, 2013


A6 chip: More Apple, less ARM

The A6 used in the iPhone 5 may be more of an Apple creation than previous chips.

By Sep. 16, 2012


Best Buy founder mulls selling out, taking retailer private

The question facing Best Buy is whether it would be better to fix the company by staying public or reverting to a private company.

By Jun. 26, 2012


Best Buy selects incoming CEO

President and COO Brian Dunn, who began his career at the electronics retailer as a store associate 23 years ago, is set to succeed Brad Anderson.

By Jan. 21, 2009


Consumers still buying electronics as family gifts

Despite recessionary times, 62 percent indicated they plan to spend the same or more on electronics for family members, according to a recent survey.

By Dec. 18, 2008