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ButtKicker LFE

The ButtKicker LFE delivers palpable bass that adds an extra, furniture-shaking dimension to DVDs, games, and bass-intensive music.

By June 21, 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating June 21, 2004

ButtKicker Gamer: Rock your seat

The ButtKicker Gamer gives bass-hungry gamers a relatively inexpensive way to feel their games.

By January 8, 2007


Buffy, Six, bow to the original butt-kicker: The Bionic Woman

The classic springs back into action on NBC this fall.

By May 22, 2007


'BoomPod' game seat: DIY special effects

It's like playing games while balancing on an exercise ball.

By March 5, 2008


Intimate seating for tete-a-tete theater

Because not all home theaters are spaceships.

By February 25, 2008


'Wireless' game seat still has umbilical cords

'Wireless Sound Rocker' really isn't

By March 18, 2007


The joys of E3

Booth babes, goofy input devices and competitive ballroom dancing games compete for attention at the trade show. The booth babes win.

By May 14, 2004


The (painful) body electric

CNET News.com's intrepid Michael Kanellos volunteers to get stung by a Taser--and lives to tell the tale, as he reports from the Consumer Electronics Show.

By January 15, 2004