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Stress-buster: Microsoft bra battles emotional overeating

A prototype bra from Microsoft researchers uses sensors to follow the wearer's mood with a goal of helping prevent stress-related eating.

By December 2, 2013


NSW Fair Trading launches Scam Buster app

The NSW Department of Fair Trading has launched a Scam Buster app on iPhone and Android. With safety tips and direct scam reporting, this free app should be on every phone (especially your parents').

By November 14, 2011


Able Planet NC1100B review: Bose busters?

The Able Planet NC1100B noise-canceling headphones match up to their Bose competitors in many respects, but fall short in a few key areas.

By July 6, 2011


Portable-gaming recession-buster: The Retro Mini

iPhone games have redefined the meaning of cheap--in ways both good and bad--but you still need to drop at least $200 for an iPhone or iPod Touch. For real portable retro-gaming with street cred, may we suggest the Retro Mini.

By May 13, 2009


Electric foot-stank busters

The Eco Shoes Dryer keeps your shoes dry and less stinky, thanks to the miracles of silica gel and electricity.

By November 14, 2007


Boredom busters: Tech for summer road trips

The summer driving season is upon us, and with it comes hours after hours of weary road trips, complete with back-seat bickering about which local FM station to tune into. But, wait, it doesn't have to be this way. With the right tech in your car, the miles and the hours will just fly by as you listen to your digital-audio libraries or watch videos on portable devices or rear-seat entertainment screens. Here is our roundup of in-car gadgets that will get you there quicker.

10 Images By June 22, 2007


Stress busters are making us tense up

They'll need to lower prices to help us relax

By March 14, 2007


Meet Buster, the latest in cat-scaring household gadgets

Kiddie vacuum is shaped like a ride toy

By November 6, 2006


Rest your weary head in a Mega Man helmet and pillow

Mega Man fans can snooze in style with a soft blue helmet and Mega Buster arm cannon designed for retro gaming nap time.

By April 12, 2013